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The Troupe

The Troupe is a group of teens who set a goal to make a difference, help each other, work together in the community, and choose to be drug-free and alcohol free. The Troupe is comprised of junior high and high school students from all over St. Tammany Parish and the surrounding areas. These students work hard throughout the year to improve their schools and communities through service projects and outreach events. There are two main functions of the Troupe. First, we encourage and educate junior high and high school students to serve as role models in the community by being strong leaders and making good decisions such as being alcohol and drug-free. Second, we provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for students from different schools to meet others who share similar beliefs. We organize and participate in many local community service projects.

The Troupe high school members have enjoyed the opportunity to attend some amazing conferences and sometimes even take leisure trips, traveling to such places as Disney World, Dallas, Atlanta, Universal Students Orlando, San Antonio, St. Louis, Nashville, Gatlinburg, North Carolina, New York, and Washington DC.

Being a member of the Troupe will be like nothing you've ever experienced before! You will not only bond with others and make lifelong friends, but you will also become a part of something so much bigger. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

2024-25 Troupe Registration Coming Soon!

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